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Critic's Choice
Michelle ThomasGuest Critic: Michelle Thomas

Michelle Thomas (aka Coco Forsythe) sits on the advisory committee of the British Independent Film Awards and has been a FutureMovies editor and reviewer for the past five years. Her ‘proper’ job is in film marketing and although preferring indie/arthouse fare, she confesses to enjoying a bit of mindless entertainment now and then.
It's All So Gay It's All So Gay
This is a moving, if slightly naïve story of a teenager about to undergo gender reassignment and his/her struggles with homophobic bullying and insults. Mark (aka Saffron) is an engaging if slightly nervous presence on film, much more at home in female clothing, but he convincingly presents his case: that he knew he was a girl from an early age and is utterly sure that the hormone treatment and suregery he is about to undergo is the right thing to do.

Postscript: An interesting thought experiment conducted by the filmmaker reveals that teenagers associate many commonplace objects with gayness, e.g. calculators, neckties and even household items.
Sunday Sunday
Dedicated to his brother, this forgotten treasure from genius British animator, Trevor Hardy, examines one day in the quiet life of a gentle, lonely man living in a large and impersonal block of flats.

It is Sunday and our hero is spending his day-of-rest like many middle-aged single men: smoking, eating, drinking tea, watching TV, listening to the radio and occasionally staring out of the window. As usual, Hardy’s production design and attention to detail are gorgeous – in the kitchen scene, look for the bowl of cereal and milk carton, and the photos pinned to the wall behind.

This simple poem about the mundane realities of life is honest, but never depressing as it captures perfectly one man’s day with sympathetic economy and elegance.
52 Takes Of The Same Thing, Then BOOBS! 52 Takes Of The Same Thing, Then BOOBS!
This gloriously bad-taste film from cult US sex-satirist, T. Arthur Cottam, features (literally) 52 takes of a woman being interviewed about what makes a good film, before suddenly being asked to “show us your breasts”. Demurely, she complies with the request, but her manner becomes increasingly flirtatious during the next 51 takes as the film morphs into a Game-boy style journey through space, complete with low-rent graphics and dodgy disco music. At one point two bewigged, fake-mustachioed men join her on the dance floor, one of them being the director. Why don’t we get to see his boobs?!!
Second Thoughts Second Thoughts
US short about a suicide that is narrowly averted by what appears to be a Deus Ex Machina – literally – as God seems to have taken the earthly form of an office photocopier. Unintentional religious satire aside, this is an efficient film with a fairly unexpected punch line, but the part I didn’t get is this: after writing a suicide note, why does the central character photocopy it? I guess He works in mysterious ways.

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