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All MiShorts titles can be viewed as full-length streams. Free films can be streamed and downloaded an unlimited number of times, but paid-for films stream once before reverting to a preview clip. If you like a film, help the filmmaker by buying it! Prices start from just 45p.

Film of the Month
Dans L’Ombre (In the Shadow) - An extremely clever short using scenes from 56 classic film noir thrillers to tell the story of a noir shadow that develops consciousness, kills its ‘Wearer’ and spends the rest of its existence evading justice. The oppressive Wearers live in fear of a shadow uprising after this personal ...
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Our monthly reviews are provided by Future Movies, one of the UK’s top review websites. Their editors are a recognised source of movie reviews worldwide and regularly appear on the world’s largest review website, Rotten Tomatoes. You can trust these guys to tell you what they really think about our films.  
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The MiShorts team have trawled the net to create this toolbox of links to shorts-related websites. It is intended for filmmakers of all experience levels and this list is only the beginning, so suggestions for additional websites and/or categories, no matter how left-field, are welcome.



In this section you can watch our home-grown short film VODcasts produced by students of the National Film & TV School. Featuring interviews with top indie directors and clips from their films, they can be viewed online right now or downloaded for free to watch later. There are also links to other UK and international vodcast sites.


The internet is full of podcasts and most aren't worth the effort, so the MiShorts team have gone in search of the 'casts you want to hear and uncovered some gems in the process. Top of the list is our recommended short film podcast, Director's Notes, produced in the UK by ex-Shooting People editor, Marvin 'Marbelle' Belle.

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