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About Us

Download for Life

MiShorts is a ‘boutique’ Video-on-Demand service created by the people behind Final Cut, one of the UK's longest–running independent short film exhibitors. Our aim is to bring you the world's best short film download service and help promote the work of indie filmmakers everywhere. Once you become a MiShorts member, you can watch all of our films online and download most of them in seven different formats, including DVD, for viewing on all commercially available viewers, from HD TVs to the latest mobile phones.

Online Library

Our online library contains almost 1,000 quality titles sourced from all over the world and is updated regularly to ensure you always have plenty of new films to choose from. A powerful search engine enables rapid and accurate searches, making the process of choosing and viewing both easy and fun, and our powerful servers enable you to download your selections rapidly at up-to HD quality.

Filmmaker Commissions

A commission of 50% of the advertised price of a film is paid to the film’s owner/licensee every time it is purchased. Payments are made via the PayPal system with real-time data on downloads and earnings per film displayed in your secure ‘MiProfile’ area.


Every MiShorts member is automatically given a personal MiProfile area after joining that can be used to communicate with other members, provide personal information, track purchases, reviews, etc. These profiles are listed in the ‘Filmfan’ directory. Members with films in our library are given an upgraded profile area, enabling them to also write a personal blog and add/edit information about themselves and their work. These profiles are listed in the ‘Filmmaker’ directory.

Free Content & Features

In addition to a great selection of films and thousands of filmmaker/filmfan profiles, we provide a wide range of free film-related content and services, commissioned from specialist providers or produced in-house.

The ‘MiDget’ – our exclusive marketing widget can be used by filmmakers, production companies, distributors, film festivals etc to promote themselves on their own website, third-party sites, bogs, newsletters, etc.

Channels – filmmakers and content providers with at least ten films in our library given a dedicated channel on request.

Free films – every paid-for film in our library can be streamed once for free before reverting to a 45-second preview clip. The remaining 200+ films in our library, mostly listed in our ‘Free’ and ‘Youth’ categories, can be viewed online as often as you wish and many can also be downloaded for free.

Toolbox – a wide variety of web-based information and resources for indie filmmakers and filmfans.

VODcast/Podcast sections – our recommended short film vodcasts and podcast + links to many other UK/international sources.

Film of The Month/Critics Choice – every month guest critics from the respected ‘Future Movies’ select five of their favourite films in our library for in-depth reviews.

Join MiShorts

Joining MiShorts is free and takes just a few minutes. The process is simple and 100% secure and you can start watching and downloading films immediately it has been completed. But MiShorts isn’t just about watching and downloading films; it is also a vibrant online community in which filmfans and filmmakers from all over the world share their passion for short films and the art of filmmaking. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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