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About RSS
What is RSS?

Keeping up with new things on the web can be a hassle, so RSS (Really Simple Syndication) was invented to do the work for you. An RSS feed enables your computer to stay in constant contact with websites and/or pages you are interested in and notifies you immediately they are updated. The feeds on our site will ensure that you are told instantly a page or section in which you are interested is updated e.g. when new films are added to our library, a new MiShorts VODcast is available, or when the Toolbox section has a new resource link, etc.

Getting started

First, you will need to get a 'feed reader' that enables your computer to monitor our website and/or other sites with RSS feeds that you are interested in. The feeds themselves are special web pages designed to be 'read' by computers rather than people. Most browsers automatically check for feeds when you visit a website and display the orange RSS feed button when they find one, making the task of subscribing to feeds very easy.

Getting an RSS feed reader

There are many feed readers available and new versions are appearing all the time. Different readers work on different operating systems, so you will need to choose one that works with your computer. To get one, simply type 'free feed reader' into your search engine and download one of the many that will appear.

What next?

Once you have a reader installed on your computer, simply click the orange RSS button on the page, or drag the feed URL into your reader, or copy/paste it into the 'new feed' section. You will find feeds on the homepage (with all films listed) and also on each individual category page, listing only films from that category.


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