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The MiDget
Using the MiDget

What is the MiDget?

The MiDget is an advanced widget developed by MiShorts for the exclusive use of members. It enables filmfans to share their favourite films with friends and social/professional networks, and filmmakers to promote their work through a wide range of 3rd-party websites, blogs and other places.

The MiDget you see here displays the same content as our homepage version and is updated monthly. Use the scroll bar to select a film, then watch it on the attractive pop-up lightbox screen and/or add it to your download list.

To activate this MiDget, simply copy and paste its code into your chosen website, social media page, blog, etc.

How do I use the MiDget?

You can activate a MiDget displaying the work of your favourite MiShorts filmmaker by visiting their profile in the Filmmaker directory and clicking on the 'MiDget' tab. This will reveal the filmmaker's dedicated MiDget, along with its unique code. You can activate as many different MiDgets as you like.

Filmmaker directory

WordPress instructions

If your blog or website runs on self-hosted WordPress software you can easily include the MiDget by following these steps, after checking your 'theme' supports widgets:

  1. In the Appearance category, locate the Widgets section
  2. Add a new Text widget, by dragging it to a sidebar
  3. Copy and paste the MiDget code into the new Text widget (in space beneath title).
  4. Click Save.

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The MiDget