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UFFO Universal Film & Festival Organisation (UFFO)
The UFFO was launched in early 2011 by award-winning filmmaker, Tyrone Murphy, to expose scam film festivals. They have created a 10-point ethical code of conduct for film festivals and are making the 'Scamfest' documentary, to expose the worst offenders. To join UFFO, visit their website by clicking on the logo and if you suspect a festival is scamming filmmakers, please write in confidence to
renderyardff Renderyard
Renderyard is a new digital playground that gives film makers and musicians the chance to watch and upload independent films from around the world, listen to new music and contact each other to provide a network for emerging new talent.
Soundtrack new logo Soundtrack
Based in Cardiff, ‘Soundtrack’ is The International Film and Music Festival that celebrates the very best of film and music, and the creative relationship between them. Taking place every November, Soundtrack has played hosts to guests such as Oscar- winning director, Danny Boyle, and Oscar-winning composer, Gabriel Yared.
CFF Logo 2009 Cornwall Film Festival
Cornwall Film Festival is an annual celebration of Cornish and international filmmaking. It offers local and national premieres, professional development workshops, lectures and parties providing the opportunity to network with the UK’s leading industry professionals. The Cornwall Film Festival is a registered charity (charity number: 1126161).
FirstLight_red First Light
First Light inspires young people from all backgrounds to tell their stories through film. Since 2001, through collaborative productions with all cast and crew positions undertaken by young people, and guided by professionals, we have helped over 20,000 young people between 5-19 years make over 1000 films.
gff Glasgow Film Festival
Glasgow Film Festival has increased significantly since its auspicious beginning in 2005, its attendance growing from 6,000 attendees in its inaugural year to 28,000 in 2009. Not only is the festival a welcoming event to the general public, it rolls out the red carpet to leading industry figures such as Peter Capaldi, Armando Iannucci and Chris Addison.
GLIMMERLogoonaWhiteBackground ‘Glimmer’ Hull International Short Film Festival
‘Glimmer’ Hull International Short Film Festival is the largest shorts festival in the North of England, playing host to an eclectic selection of shorts, animation, artists film and video, special guests and masterclasses. Glimmer also presents the Anthony Minghella Award for Best International /UK Short (sponsored by the University of Hull) with prize money of £1000.
Kino logo B-W-copyjpg Kinofilm
Kinofilm showcases the best short films from around the world and is renowned for seeking out diverse, challenging and ground-breaking new work. European and International award-winning shorts are screened alongside low/no budget films, giving new and emerging filmmakers the chance to have their work screened alongside the work of critically acclaimed, established professionals.
NorthernIrelandScreen Northern Ireland Screen
Northern Ireland Screen is the national screen agency for Northern Ireland whose aim is to accelerate the development of a dynamic and sustainable screen industry in this part of the United Kingdom.
oskabright2008 Oska Bright
Oska Bright is the world’s first international festival of short films made by people with learning disabilities. The biennial festival (Nov 2009 and 2011) celebrates, promotes and develops the creativity of learning disabled film-makers from around the world. It is supported by arts organisation, Carousel, and community film makers, Junk TV.
screen-south_160x78 Screen South
Screen South is the film and media agency for the South East of England. We are a resource that helps people get their ideas off the ground, whether they want to make a short film, learn how to write successful scripts, set up a film festival or shoot a major movie here. We promote talent, preserve our film heritage and find ways of presenting exciting film to new audiences.
FinalCut2WEB160 Final Cut
Established in 2002, Brighton-based Final Cut is now one of the UK’s most successful short film screening events and the largest in the South East region. It provides a vital opportunity for indie film-makers to show their work to a supportive, film-friendly audience with the emphasis at all times on informality and fun.
britflickslogo Britflicks
Britflicks is dedicated to giving you the latest British film news. Our mission is to promote British film of all budgets and genres, connecting filmmakers and fans to an online community taking British cinema to the world.
eotplogo_web End of the Pier International Film Festival
End of the Pier International Film Festival, now in its 7th year, is an open competition for short and feature length films from around the world. Our main focus is on new, young, low-budget and independent film makers. We award films in genre catagories and to individual work.
mediabox Mediabox
Mediabox is a Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF) fund that offers disadvantaged 13-19 year olds (up to 25 with a disability) the opportunity to create their own media projects. We offer a variety of grants for the creation of youth-led media projects aimed at enabling young people to gain new skills, express themselves and get their voices heard.
lssf London Short Film Festival
A leading showcase for UK shorts, the London Short Film Festival launched in 1994 as the Halloween Short Film Club. With partners such as the UK Film Council and BAFTA, we provide a unique selection of screenings of exciting new work from established filmmakers and undiscovered talent, plus live music, comedy, panels, prizes, art and parties.
branchage Branchage
The Branchage International Film Festival is a boutique cross-arts film festival with takes place on the island of Jersey every Autumn. Renowned for its use of unusual venues, from medieval castles to WWII tunnels, Branchage presents an exciting blend of short, feature and documentary screenings alongside industry and education sessions, live music and legendary parties.
Raindance Raindance
Based in the heart of London, the Raindance website has a huge selection of free resources for indie filmmakers. Founded by Elliot Grove in 1992, it is dedicated to fostering and promoting independent film in the UK and around the world with an annual film festival and a wide range of training courses.
Art By Chance Art By Chance
Art By Chance is the brand new ultra shorts film festival that will be launched around the world in May 2010. Films will meet with us unexpected, non-theatrical venues around the world on digital advertising screens located inside metros, buses, railways, public transport. Art By Chance presents urban dwellers with stimulating content that colours the time-slices usually considered dead.
SEE Festival SEE Festival
Now in it’s fifth year, the Brighton-based SEE Documentary Film Festival is one of the UK’s top documentary festivals and takes place every February. Its 2010 event is packed with screenings, premiers, workshops, seminars and special events with leading lights in the industry.
NFTS-160 National Film and Television School
The NFTS is the UK’s centre of excellence for postgraduate film and TV education, with purpose-built studios and post-production facilities rivalling those of professional companies. Our students make around one hundred productions a year under the guidance of tutors who are leaders in their fields, giving them professional skills in their chosen area and a good understanding of the key roles involved in bringing quality films and TV programmes to the screen.
Brighton Fringe Brighton Fringe
Brighton Festival Fringe is one of the largest and fastest-growing open access arts festival in the world and the largest in England. It sets out to stimulate, educate and entertain a wide audience by providing a showcase for diverse art forms. No artistic judgment or selection criteria are imposed on participants, enabling the development of both new and established work to attract fresh audiences, press and promoters.
Talent Studio Talent Studio
Talent Studio is a national filmmaking project delivered by Media Trust in partnership with Fairbridge and Catch22. Created and led by young people, it provides an opportunty to tell positive stories about issues that matter to them through their own short films.

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